MODHArts Gallery of Contemporary Realism

Unconventional art gallery and boutique to promote contemporary realism art and artisan craft. Offering art exhibits and for collection, original quality artworks of emerging and established guest artist. Gallery is designed with environment in mind and inclination to sustainable living. 

Paintings • Photography • Mix Media • Installations 

Artisan Boutique

Boutique is a small addition to MODHArts Gallery of Contemporary Realism. On a regular basis offering for a purchase well-crafted and unique craft of local and international artisans. 

Hand-crafted Jewelry • Pottery • Sculptures • Fashion • Craft Artisans’ - are featured bi-monthly.

MODHArts Studio

MODHArts Studio was founded in 2010 as a collaborative fine art vision of two artist - Maryana Oliynyk and David Humphrey. Originated with a mission to place emphasis on creating affordable, original, contemporary realism artworks and introduce it to the extensive community.